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What if anything did I learn over the Holiday weekend Part


The cavalcade of humanity that traveled this past Holiday weekend appears to have equaled that of folks wandering through the main lobby of Trump Tower/Mar-a-largo Resort looking for a job or to kiss the new “Don’s” ring and pay tribute since Nov 8.

OK that was a stretch but that’s what happens when you decide to watch “Good Fellas” after the election and listen to the Media jumping hoops to report on who is the latest in line for a Donnie gig. Just about everyone from Dr Carson to Timmy the Pizza Guy has been guesstimated for a plush seat and the victims, er I mean job-seekers are enjoying the attention.

The one thing that’s become apparent in Media the past few days has been the re-running of the same stories or a bunch of hypotheticals to fill the void as the country takes a break to overstuff themselves on Carbs and less on bullshit in dysfunctional holiday bliss.

Hell with the amount of attention Rudy G has received one would think he won the presidency. If one were to look at Donnie’s draft board, Rudy G has been picked to lead 5 different departments. Mel Kiper, Jr might want to do some play-by-play commentating and rethink his draft card because Rudy seems to be stuck in some sort of spokesman purgatory that should be driving Donnie’s staff mad at this point.

I understand Rudy’s leading the charge against Willard Romney receiving any type of Admin position, be it Sec/State to Melania’s travel guide, the vitriol from many insiders and supporters towards Willard is obscene. I laugh when I hear these folks claim Willard owes Donnie an apology, even though Donnie fired the first character shot at Willard. Yet, Willard is over-qualified for any position offered but offering him the Sec/State roster spot would give many detractors an acceptable feeling, much like many felt of Biden being the VP to the less experienced Obama.

Every candidate is going to be scrutinized ad nauseam by the Media, some digging deep with others using sleight of hand in disregard to any past discretion and it’s making many people become Xanax dependent of the reported dysfunction of the incoming admin.

Speaking of dysfunction, for about two weeks there were articles being posted about how to avoid political talk with your crazy Liberal Uncle Joe or overly zealous Millennial Conservative cousin Steve, so I gotta ask how’d that go for ya? Lord knows my family tried or attempted to try to lure me in but I was the victor in a sense.

Yes bets were placed on how long it would take me to stir the crazy in the family and bring all conversation to politics too which I did not open that box, but dammit once my Aunt sat down next to me and stated “Let’s talk about the election” I jumped with glee, pointing and shouting “It wasn’t me! It was her, all her!” Safe to say, the conversation never moved from there.

No I’m not saying politics was never spoken and yes I had roughly two or three conversations that the names “Obama” and “Donnie” popped up, but to be clear those talks lasted less than five minutes without verbal onslaught or raised finger of disapproval even though we are entering the era of what I’m labeling the “Liberty Valance Presidency”.

You’re heard the “Liberty Valance” reference before in many lights from Michelle Malkin to Robert Wuhl and by me, but to refresh; When legend becomes truth print the legend. In the case of Donnie it’s more like when fiction becomes fact, print the fiction, but you get the point.

Best recent examples are about the NFL letter, Kentucky Ford and Carrier manufacturing plants.

Now legend/fiction as told by Donnie has the NFL writing to him in agreement that the Presidential Election Committee (or whatever they claim to be) should reschedule their debates because they take place during a Sunday/Monday night football game and people wouldn’t pay attention to the debate.

Fact is no such letter or word was ever spoken to Donnie by anyone in the NFL and in truth the NFL ratings prior to Nov 8 have been very poor on Sunday/Monday night. However there are many that still believe this letter exists even though never displayed.

Number 2 legend/fiction as told by our soon to be leader has him exclaiming on social media that he saved the Kentucky Ford plant and countless jobs from being moved to Mexico.

Fact the Kentucky Ford plant was never set to close nor were there talks of job cuts. In fact what did happen was Ford announced they were removing the manufacturing line of the poor selling Lincoln MKC and adding another line of the higher selling Ford Escape.

Number 3 legend/fiction has Donnie, again, taking to social media telling all he is working diligently with Carrier of Indiana from moving their plant to Mexico, when in fact it’s actually Gov (and VP –elect) Pence who’s been clearing his desk and working on that deal.

But I’m sure the most hardened Conservative out there is keeping track of this to defend because normally I’m just shooting from the hip and speaking out of turn.

Next time we’ll talk about the flip and what we learned about those DEM’ers as well. That’s it, time to pay that political tab

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