What is the ‘Boogaloo’ movement? (Al Jazeera)


    What is the ‘Boogaloo’ movement? – By Al Jazeera and news agencies (Al Jazeera) / June 4 2020

    A new far-right movement may be stoking tensions in US protests. Who are its adherents, and what do they want?

    A new movement of armed, far-right adherents is gaining attention in the United States, not just for its seemingly strange name, but for its alleged links to the violence that has taken place across the country following largely peaceful protests over police brutality.

    Adherents of the loosely organised “Boogaloo” movement appear to believe in armed, anti-government actions that could lead to a second US civil war.

    While it is impossible, authorities say, to point to a singular group for the unrest that has come as part of protests against the police killing of George Floyd, officials claim that much of the violence can be pinned on “outside agitators” who are seeking to distract from the main message of the demonstrations.

    One movement authorities have blamed is the Boogaloo movement. On June 4, three men who allegedly belong to the Boogaloo movement were arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, on charges related to “terrorism” and involving plots to accelerate violence at protests.

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