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Where’s the Nostradamus vision for Election Day freebies?!


It’s expected that the Media will be drowning viewers & listeners with the dreaded Exit Polls stats all day on Election Day, but maybe they should’ve paid attention to the Nostradamus Election 2016 prediction special on History Channel to save some cold hard cash for the day and instead let us know where all the cool freebies will be served.

Wait, does that mean someone who committed voter fraud could get double freebies? Scoundrels!

Honestly those freebies aren’t gonna make anyone feel any better after this debacle of an election cycle unless one is able to get a Bakers dozen on alcohol. But instead of stuffing our faces with freebies either with glee or gloom maybe we should be gambling on our next four years of Hillary or Donnie.

No not by holding your nose and closing your eyes in the voting booth, but by calling a bookie and trying to make some cash because you’re gonna need it come January 20 2017.

Hey wait that’s a Friday!!! Oh the bars will be making cash that day

According to the British site Betfair there has already been over $130 million wagered on the Nov 8th 2016 outcome (compared to the 2012 total of $50 million). This is also the same site that took in close to $160 million on the Brexit vote. Per CNBC, our European buddies are taking some enjoyment on placing wagers on Hillary & Donnie:

UK-based Betfair, internet betting exchange
Clinton – 83 percent
Trump – 18 percent

UK-based Ladbrokes, online betting platform
Clinton – 83 percent
Trump – 22 percent

Ireland’s Paddy Power, bookmaker
Clinton – 83 percent
Trump – 18 percent

It sure does seem like the gamblers have an itch for Hillary, with some saying it’s a landslide. Other sites like Oddsharks.com, Presidentialelectionodds.net and a few others collectively have Hillary at 75% at gaining her entitled throne and Donnie sitting like a jester at 23.5%.

However if you want to run away on Nov 9th after the election results are final, the ZipCar freebie is only to get you to the polls, not Canada.



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