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White nationalist claims Trump directed rally violence


White nationalist being sued for assault and battery for his actions against a Trump rally protester take a turn as he file a countersuit claiming his actions were directed by candidate Trump to remove unruly protesters… Well candidate Donnie did say he would pay anyone’s legal fees….  –  PB/TK 

White nationalist claims Trump directed rally violence – By  

A white nationalist leader accused of assaulting a young African-American woman at a Donald Trump campaign rally filed a countersuit on Monday claiming the president directed him and other supporters to remove protesters.

Matthew Heimbach claims in his federal court filing that he “acted pursuant to the directives and requests of Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump for President” and that, if he’s found liable for damages, “any liability must be shifted to one or both of them.”

The legal fight stems from a March 2016 rally in Louisville, Kentucky, at which protesters were allegedly roughed up and ejected by Trump supporters after the then-candidate barked from the stage “get ’em out of here!”

The protesters filed civil assault and battery claims against Heimbach and two other Trump supporters and accused Trump of inciting his supporters.

Continue to politico.con article: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/04/donald-trump-rally-violence-237302



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