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Who’s to blame for the childish spoiled athlete? Bullseye, we the fans


POTUS Donnie must’ve had a bad Friday night in ‘Bama. He managed to attack North Korea, John McCain, NFL players, NBA players, rescind the NBA Champ GS Warriors WH visit and now NCAA Champs North Carolina said they’re staying home because “they can’t agree on a date.”

Honestly the celebration of National/World Champs visiting the White House has always been a joke to me. But I will also admit that if I were ever to have the chance to meet a former or sitting POTUS I would take the moment to do so because it might be the only time.

If you don’t want to go, then simply state you don’t want to go because you’re not happy with how Government is run or you have a doc appointment to remove the stick from your ass.

Oh wait I forgot, Patsy QB Tom Brady tried something like that (family event) this year with POTUS Donnie and Media went mad with speculation because the two are chummy. Yep, Brady did the same to POTUS Barry and that was listed as a “dick move” but everyone’s gotta have a conspiracy.

Are we placing too much pressure on today’s athletes to be role models given today’s accessible society?

How many people are “friends” with athletes on any of the social media formats? A whole bunch I’ll say, except me, well ok I think the only athlete I follow is Dwayne Johnson on my Twitter account.

We, the fans, have created the childish spoiled athlete. We lavish them with praise daily on Sports talk shows, our closets are filled with team/player merchandise, and we take 3 hours (on average) to watch/listen to their games.

Oh sure go ahead and protest but it doesn’t matter, as for every one protester there’s one to take their place.

Yet look at all these fans with short term memory issues and yes there are plenty.

People swore on graves they would never root for Mike Vick upon his return to the NFL after being released from jail on dog fighting charges. Protesters stood in front of Lincoln Financial denouncing the contract and fans spouted in agreement until his first play, his first completion and then his first TD. The crowd went wild and ‘poof’ fans were buying merchandise

Hell my hometown, Pittsburgh, oh yeah baby we’re overflowing with sports fan hypocrites. The nausea of fans crying the Steelers should’ve cut Ben Roethlisberger over rape allegations and how they were tearing up their season tickets, burning their #7 jerseys and so on, only to return as soon as Big Ben threw the game winning TD… Oh and how the dread returned when the Steelers signed Mike Vick and the hater returned until Vick, again, won the game.

But then again, this is Pittsburgh and our devotion towards a player/team only goes so far. Just ask the Pirates, they only get some love when the Penguins season ends and the Steelers begin, so that’s about 3 months if they’re lucky.

I never understood the notion of wasting money to buy a $130 jersey only to burn in protest. You do realize you still put money in the athlete/team bank account, right?

Not every player is expected to be a “goodie-goodie” like Tim Tebow. Hey, Tim Tebow is a great motivator but Media (namely ESPN) put him on a pedestal and rammed him down every sports fan throat as if he were a God. Tim Tebow, the man off the field, is a great inspiration for kids to follow. Boring, but it’s a clean, respectful, and unglamorous yet that’s not why these people want to famous. They want all the money, women and all the cars, right?

No one is forcing anyone to be a pro athlete, for many it’s a dream and for many it’s their way to a better life. But it is us, from High School thru College and if they are lucky to the Pros, without our adoration for their talent, they’d be living next door, in a dead end job and driving a Camry just like us.

So don’t complain when an athlete speaks up on a political issue or maybe we should blame the real culprit to all these White House athletic achievement moment traditions; POTUS Ronald Reagan. I mean if it weren’t for him we wouldn’t be talking about athletes not RSVP’ing or being denied a White House moment.

That’s it, slap the political tap and pay your tab.

PB/TK (politicallybrewed.com) Sept 23 2017



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