Why Latin America’s ‘pink tide’ is taking a stand against Israel (Al Jazeera)


    Why Latin America’s ‘pink tide’ is taking a stand against Israel – By Christina Noriega (Al Jazeera) / Nov 9, 2023

    Leftist leaders like Colombia’s Gustavo Petro and Chile’s Gabriel Boric have condemned Israeli violence in Gaza.

    Bogota, Colombia – As Israel’s bombardment of Gaza enters its second month, world leaders have increasingly voiced concern over the rising death toll and suspected human rights violations in the Palestinian territory.

    But in the West, few have been as vocal — or as severe in their criticism — as the leftist leaders in Latin America, many of whom came to power as part of a progressive wave known as the “pink tide”.

    On October 31, Bolivia severed its diplomatic relations with Israel, citing “the aggressive and disproportionate Israeli military offensive taking place in the Gaza Strip”. Colombia and Chile echoed that criticism, recalling their diplomats from Israel the very same day.

    “If Israel does not stop the massacre of the Palestinian people, we cannot be there,” Colombian President Gustavo Petro posted on the social media platform X.

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