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Why QAnon Is So Bummed to See the Suez Ship Go Free (The Daily Beast)


Why QAnon Is So Bummed to See the Suez Ship Go Free – By The Daily Beast Staff (The Daily Beast) / Mar 31 2021

It has to do with Hillary Clinton (of course).

Did you know that everyone’s favorite Suez Canal-blocking ship is now the subject of a QAnon conspiracy? The Daily Beast’s Asawin Suebsaeng and Will Sommer lay out why the adrenochrome set is convinced that the stuck ship’s cargo is full of trafficked children on the latest episode of our Fever Dreams podcast (Hint: it has to do with Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service code name—you guessed it, EVERGREEN.)

Speaking of Hillary conspiracies, Suebsaeng and Sommer discuss why the right just can’t seem to come up with a good Joe Biden conspiracy to smear the new president: Trump’s base seems more interested in reverting to their old hatreds of Clinton and Barack Obama. (As Suebsaeng points out, Biden quite simply is not Black or a woman, and so doesn’t inspire the same level of vitriol from the hardcore racist, misogynistic Trumpites.)

Meanwhile, there’s a tug-of-war going on between those in the Trump administration who want the former president to receive “credit” for the COVID vaccine drive and the right-wing anti-government, anti-vaxx diehards who refuse to believe that their emperor-god actually wants them to get the shot. The tussle is crystallized in Trump’s former HHS staffer Michael Caputo, a “really brash, incredibly Trumpy longtime Republican operative” who has taken it upon himself to proselytize for the vaccine in biker bars among the “MAGA Sons of Anarchy”—and who’s running into a lot of resistance.

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