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Ya Know Kanye Has A Point (or maybe i’m in sugar shock)


Watching Thursday’s  madcap replay of Kanye West stroking POTUS Donnie’s ego in the Oval Office something popped into my miniscule over-caffeinated brain: He really needs to stick to his medication schedule

Grab some wood bub, I’m just joking around.

But seriously, he made a point that many need to grasp onto; just because you’re black it doesn’t mean you’re a Democrat.

Our society ain’t a bunch happy campers unless we can slap a label on someone or something.

Yes labeling or actually in our political mindset mislabeling is alive and growing every day.

How simply can I state this:

  • Wealthy doesn’t equal Republican
  • Poor doesn’t equal Democrat
  • White doesn’t equal Privileged
  • Pro Abortion doesn’t equal Non Christian
  • Gun Owner doesn’t equal Crazy Loon
  • Welfare Recipient doesn’t equal Lazy

and so on….

Not every attack on US soil equals a mad Muslim attack, but it’s so much easier to call as such too make one feel better until proven differently.

Just read the comments on the majority of social media threads and you’ll find that “keyboard bravery” runs wild as name-calling and vulgar responses are the norm

But as this Kanye/Donnie PR stunt hadn’t even begun, people are already spouting off about how brave Taylor Swift had been for stepping into the political endorsement arena and favoring 2 DEM’ers in Tennessee.

From all I know, Swift has kept her political thought to herself and too add fuel to the fire let’s not forget the ongoing rift between Kanye and Swift

For many a celeb’s endorsement be it a soft drink, vehicle, clothing and yes even politician drives their fans to the well time and time again. So whether it’s Kanye, Swift, Nugent or Clooney, they have the biggest soapboxes to stand upon with millions following them on social media. All told, that’s exactly what Kanye did, he opened his (and the Kardashian family) followers to POTUS Donnie. And we all know how much POTUS Donnie loves attention.

Getting back to the original point of this quick rant is yes Kanye, as much as I am annoyed by you and abhor your need for psychodrama, you actually made an excellent point for once: We’re too busy stereotyping people in political thought and not actually listening.

So ears open and mouths shut. Pay attention to what’s being said, who’s saying and stop being a drone. Because if Kanye can make a noticeable statement among his schizophrenic antics we might begin to bring the political rift close together.

That’s it, slap the tap on this 5 minute-stuck-in-traffic rant, and pay your political tab by being registered to vote






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