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Yes folks there are false flags – But they should be taken serious until proven so


Yes folks there are false flags – But they should be taken serious until proven so

Come on Daily Beast, you’re really pushing the narrative that everything POTUS Donnie says needs to be slapped with some sort of racism sticker. You’re quick to act yet not really look into what was vaguely stated, in this case in concern of the recent rash of Jewish Community Center Bomb threats and cemetery vandalism and a link to Alt-Right’s numerical increase.

Here’s a suggestion, stop doing that! It’s just plain stupid. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/02/28/trump-appears-to-suggest-bomb-threats-against-jews-are-false-flags.html

The guy even stated today that he needs to communicate better however wasn’t that one of his attributes to so many; simplistic speech.

Look I’m not gonna be an ageist and make claims that POTUS Donnie says certain things because he grew up in a different era, it’s like saying the late PSU football coach Paterno didn’t contact the police about Assistant Coach Sandusky’s pedophilia was because his generation didn’t talk about that kinda stuff.

Different era equals different mindset. What seems obvious to one generation is blind to another.

But when POTUS Donnie stated “the bomb threats may have come from “the reverse” in order to “make others look bad,” well he has and makes a simplistic point. In the age of Social Media Justice, everyone/everything is punched as guilty even if evidence proves otherwise. Your mind is set thanks to multiple memes, partisan article posting by Aunt Sammie and there ain’t nothing gonna change it.

Absolutely any racist act, regardless of its nature must be investigated and yes, as POTUS Donnie vaguely stated, some turn out to be false alarms because some jackass thought it would be cute to copycat or play a prank.

Now just stop, don’t go hounding me about this, as I know one example can lead to three or four examples of the opposite.

That’s it, slap the political tap and pay your political tab while playing the POTUS Donnie drinking game. What is the “yuge” to drink ratio?



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