Here’s what a Sanders-Trump map could look like (CNN)


    Here’s what a Sanders-Trump map could look like – Analysis by Chris Cillizza (CNN) / Feb 28 2020

    Washington (CNN) With Bernie Sanders looking more and more like the potential Democratic presidential nominee, the good people at the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia have released their first take on what the electoral map might look like in a matchup between the senator from Vermont and President Donald Trump.

    The map allots 260 electoral votes to Trump, 248 to Sanders and puts 30 in the pure toss-up category.

    “In our view, we think a Sanders nomination would tilt the election more toward Trump, to the point where the ratings would reflect him as something of a favorite,” write Kyle Kondik and J. Miles Coleman of the map. “However, we would not put Trump over 270 electoral votes in our ratings, at least not initially and based on the information we have now.”

    How does that compare with the current Center for Politics map featuring a race between an unknown Democrat and Trump? That map produces 248 electoral votes for each side, with 42 in the pure toss-up category.

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