Millennials are getting priced out of cities (Business Insider)


    Millennials are getting priced out of cities – By Eliza Relman (Business Insider) / Jan 8, 2024

    The generation that turned cities into expensive playgrounds for the young is now being forced to flee to the suburbs.

    Jandra Sutton feels like a lucky millennial. She and her partner were able to sell their house in suburban Tennessee and buy a condo in downtown Nashville in 2019, before mortgage rates and home prices skyrocketed.

    A few years of suburban living had made the couple “miserable,” says Sutton, a 34-year-old writer and content creator. “The closest coffee shop was 15 to 20 minutes away, there wasn’t a lot to do in the area, and none of our friends wanted to make the drive to visit us,” she says. “It was so isolating.”

    They now have 1,500 fewer square feet of living space, one fewer car, and no yard, but they’re much happier. They’re surrounded by restaurants, live music, parks, and many other “third places” to meet people and hang out. They’re regulars at their favorite neighborhood bar and bodega, where, Sutton says, “we know everyone by name and vice versa.”

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