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1898 – The USS Maine sank when it exploded in Havana Harbor for unknown reasons. More than 260 crew members were killed.   https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-maine-explodes

0399 BC – The philosopher Socrates sentenced to death.

0590 – Khosrau II crowned as king of Persia

1220 – Khwarezmian city of Bukhara taken by Genghis Khan’s Mongol army after a 12-day siege, with the death of about 30,000 of its citizens

1637 – Ferdinand III succeeds Ferdinand II as Holy Roman Emperor

1689 – German Parliament declares war on France

1764 – St. Louis, Missouri founded as a French trading post by Pierre Laclède

1798 – Louis Alexandre Berthier proclaim a Roman Republic after conquering Rome

1799 – Printed ballots were authorized for use in elections in the state of Pennsylvania.

1830 – Beginning of the famous debate between French naturalists Georges Cuvier and Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire on animal structure

1848 – Sarah Roberts barred from white school in Boston

1851 – Black abolitionists invade Boston courtroom rescuing a fugitive slave

1869 – Charges of Treason against Jefferson Davis are dropped

1879 – U.S. President Hayes signed a bill that allowed female attorneys to argue cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

1898 – The USS Maine sank when it exploded in Havana Harbor for unknown reasons. More than 260 crew members were killed.

1900 – Boer War: Siege of Kimberley broken by British troops under Lieutenant-General John French after a 124 day siege. Kimberley defense led by Cecil Rhodes.

1903 – Morris and Rose Michtom, Russian immigrants, introduced the first teddy bear in America.

1919 – 1,700 Jews are murdered in the Ukrainian town of Proskoruv by followers of Simon Petlura, Ukrainian Nationalist leader.

1933 – In Miami, Florida, Giuseppe Zangara attempts to assassinate President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt, but instead shoots Chicago, Illinois Mayor Anton J. Cermak, who dies of his wounds on March 6, 1933

1936 – Hitler announces building of Volkswagens for the people

1942 – During World War II, Singapore surrendered to the Japanese.

1943 – Wartime propaganda poster “We Can Do It!” produced by J. Howard Miller and posted on the walls of Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company’s plants in the Midwest

1946 – Edith Houghton, at age 33, was signed as a baseball scout by the Philadelphia Phillies becoming the first female scout in the major leagues.

1956 – Pirates & KC As cancel an exhibition game in Birmingham Alabama, because of local ordinance barring black from playing against white

1961 – Sabena Flight 548 crashes in Belgium, killing 73, with the entire US Figure Skating team, several coaches & family.

1965 – Canada displayed its new red and white maple leaf flag. The flag was to replace the old Red Ensign standard.

1971 – After 1,200 years Great Britain abandons pence & shilling system for decimal currency

1972 – President Velasco Ibarra of Ecuador deposed for 4th time

1973 – Ottawa restricts oil exports to US, due to possible shortages.

1978 – Escaped mass murderer Ted Bundy recaptured, Pensacola FL

1982 – During a storm, the Ocean Ranger, a drilling rig, sank off the coast of Newfoundland. 84 men were killed.

1985 – The Center for Disease Control reported that more than half of all nine-year-olds in the U.S. showed no sign of tooth decay.

1986 – Ferdinand Marcos wins rigged Philippines presidential election

1989 – After nine years of intervention, the Soviet Union announced that the remainder of its troops had left Afghanistan.

1991 – The leaders of Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland signed the Visegard agreement, in which they pledged to cooperate in transforming thier countties to free-market economies.

1993 – Bombings by Mafia drug lords kill 14 in Bogota Colombia

1994 – Russia annexed Tatarstan by integrating it into its so-called federation, start of War of Independence and War of Liberation

1995 – The FBI arrested Kevin Mitnick and charged him with cracking security in some of the nation’s most protected computers. He served five years in jail.

1999 – Abdullah calan, leader of the terrorist organization Kurdistan Workers Party, is arrested in Kenya by Turkish agents.

2000 – Indian Point II nuclear power plant in New York State vents a small amount of radioactive steam when a steam generator fails

2001 – The first draft of the human genome is published

2002 – U.S. President George W. Bush approved Nevada’s Yucca Mountain as a site for long-term disposal of radioactive nuclear waste.

2003 – Protests against the Iraq war occur in over 600 cities worldwide. Estimates from 8,000,000-30,000,000 people took part, making this the largest peace demonstration in the history of the world

2011 – Libyan protests begin opposing Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi’s rule

2013 – Chelyabinsk meteor breaks up over Chelyabinsk, Russia, injuring over 1,200 people, with 26 to 33 times energy of Hiroshima bomb

2018 – Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigns in a surprise move

2019 – US President Donald Trump declares a national emergency to divert funds to build a border wall, after signing bipartisan spending agreement to avoid another government shutdown

2020 – Beijing orders people returning to the city after Lunar New Year holiday to self-quarantine for 14 days to prevent spread of Covid-19

2023 – Scientists warn the Thwaites Glacier, the so-called “Doomsday Glacier” and the size of Florida, is weakening threatening a global sea level rise of 1.6 meters

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