Everyone wants a return to normalcy. I mean here I am at the laundromat because we’re waiting on a warranty part to arrive for our washing machine. Then again getting 4 loads of laundry done in 90 minutes has it’s advantages, but I’d rather be at home doing nothing in between loads also.

Seriously, who isn’t craving normalcy? Who doesn’t want to return hanging out at their local pizza pub, gnawing on some chicken wings with some suds and buds?

Who doesn’t want to be able to walk around a Mall, come and go as you please into stores without having to wait outside hoping they say you’re next to enter?

Who doesn’t want to attend an overpriced summer concert, see a movie or tailgate at a sporting event?

Again, everyone wants a return to normalcy except it’s our own dumb fault as to why we keep falling back after going forward.

Yeah I feel bad for the bar owners, restaurant owners, well pretty much all business owners, however they have a hand in the backwards movement as well.

Shut up, you know it’s true. Recently Florida Gov Desantis stated his state’s Covid number have been ticking up only to make the excuse “Can’t blame the “bars” because they have been closed for some time.”  First of all, yeah sure “bars” were closed however restaurants have been open and if you’ve walked into your local Applebee’s or Olive Garden, guess what they have? Yeppers they have bars and people eat at those bars. So Gov, you’re statement should’ve been that establishments like bars that serve alcohol only have been closed. But you’re a fool anyway so there’s that.

Sure there are many who have followed the restrictions that have been placed, but it’s those who allow patrons to run the biz, pack ’em in, regain some lost revenue and tips for the staff that have hurt the industry. It’s these establishments that have struck the many. Yeah that “all for one” slap by local/state government sucks but you gotta look in the mirror as well.

Sure some Govs are calling for lesser business hours for bars/restaurants (closing times around 1100p) or too lessen alcohol served so people don’t linger, but it’s owners/managers that need to get push people out the door instead of local authorities or whomever writing citations and saying “bad people”

I was in Delaware recently and I’d gather 90% of the people too which I traveled around the coast wore masks. Oh for those on the boardwalks had a local police officer saw you not wearing one, you were politely asked to put it on. Of course if you were eating or drinking, you were allowed to continue without a reminder. Yet not more then 25 minutes down the road in Ocean City Maryland, well lets say the famous boardwalk was a cesspool of Covid waiting to happen, because as you were shoulder to shoulder with peeps about 1 in 6 masked up. It wasn’t a shocker that a week after I returned home that I heard about Maryland’s governor implementing a new mask policy statewide.

I just don’t understand people, why do you think Covid is fake?

Why do you compare it to the flu? It’s not a flu, there are precautions people take for the flu every year. Your employer probably pushes for flu shots every January/February and if you get sick because one cubicle over Timmy is hacking and sneezing, your go to your doc and get medication.

There’s no remedy for Covid, because just about everyone is a carrier. Sure send the kids back to school because no child ever came home sick from school.

Is it because your favorite talking head tells you so or is it because your support for POTUS Donnie is so strong or is it because you have no faith in the current media landscape?

But if you don’t believe anything on CNN because you’ve been told it’s “Fake” and yet they report good things about the Donnie Administration does that mean it can’t be real?

Here’s another question for the smart people, if you hate wearing masks so much because it’s taking away your “freedoms,” do you still adhere to the “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” policy many stores, especially in beach communities, have had for decades?

I mean, sure who doesn’t like a to see a shirtless body strolling around the freezer section at the Piggly Wiggly, yet store policy is store policy.

Oh wait I forgot, that policy was to keep the hippie generation away.

Or are you adding the notion of “masking up” with your right to  freedom of speech?

Because I can tell ya, if you’re really deep about your “freedoms” I gotta wonder how you feel about your employer telling ya to “mask up,” complying with that message and enjoying your paycheck hitting the bank account. Because if you were so true to your belief, well your Indeed profile should be updated and all groomed for your next Zoom interview.

Oh I get it, it’s your personal life more then professional life of desired “freedoms.” You don’t like government interfering with your life that you probably hate all those damn “warning” labels on everything. Here’s a news flash, we live in a pretty stupid society. We make talentless dumb people famous for absolutely no reason. Seriously there’s no entertainment value in shows like “90 Day Fiance,” and well hell just anything on TLC for example.

And again I ask, if you’re so damn gung-ho about your gun rights why do you “mask up” to hide your face?

No, I am not calling gun owners horrible people or even terrorists, because many are not, but just like the bar owners from earlier in this ramble, a few make the whole group bad.

I’ve said it way too many times over the years, you have the right protest and assemble, but you do not have the right to destroy and vandalize, once you toss the first stone your cause becomes mute.

All these protestors, yes gather, assemble, speak your words, but do not toss stones, do not break a window, do not disturb. Sure it’s great ratings for FOX or MSNBC when they broadcast about it, but it leads too just that, ratings.

So Stop It.

Oh and for POTUS Donnie calling protestors “terrorists” for damaging property and injuring police officers, I wanna know his true feeling for the Bundy Boys from a few years ago. Remember them? Their followers pointing guns at police officers, taking federal property, etc. By POTUS Donnie’s own words they are considered terrorists, yet so many “good people” backed their cause, is there truly a difference between these groups?



So let’s review, because it’s pretty simple:

  • Covid is gonna be with us for awhile, there’s no magic shark eye/octopus urine shot sold on the web that gonna help.
  • Too help control Covid from spreading and move forward to normalcy one should: practice proper hygiene, keep your gatherings to the minimal grouping while staying a safe distance away, mask up and if need be glove up.
  • If you don’t like wearing a mask and store says you need one to enter then find another store to shop

It’s pretty simple actually. Don’t complain about a store wanting to serve to whom they wish and in the same hypocritical tone cheer the bakery for not baking a gay wedding cake because it’s their choice to choose their clientele.

That’s it, Slap the Tap and put on your Mr. Yuck sticker mask, because it’s time to help pay down that $21+ Trillion debt we’ve forgotten about these last 3.5 years but hey at zero % interest it’s a good time to borrow per POTUS Donnie


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